The  Clan Lindsay Society was founded in 1897.  Our aim is to improve communications between Society Members and to encourage other Lindsays, wherever they may be, to share in our culture and history.

The Clan Lindsay

Modern Lindsay Tartan
Lindsay Standard

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Around the world there are a number of initiatives supported by Lindsays or enthousiasts who have a particular interest in activities of the Lindsays past and present.

Some of these groups can be contacted through the links below.

A sample of the most common modern Lindsay Tartan setting is shown.  Other versions are available including the ancient Lindsay and various faded colourings.

The Personal Banner of the Earl of Crawford hangs permanently in St Gilles Cathedral, Edinburgh, alongside the Banners of the other principal nobles of Scotland.

The Clan Lindsay Society was founded at a meeting held in George Street Edinburgh on 27th October 1897 under the direction of its first President, James Ludovic Lindsay, the 26th Earl of Crawford.

At this inaugural meeting Lord Crawford uttered the following words: - "The meeting today is the meeting of a family" reflecting the structure of the clan being predominately formed from descendents of those bearing the same name.  His lordship further described it as the resuscitation of a family group.

Since its formation, the Society has endeavoured to hold Annual Meetings and Gatherings whenever possible.

Chief of the Clan Lindsay

Chief's Family

Family of the Earl of Crawford, Chief of the Clan Lindsay, with his son Lord Balniel and grand daughter attending the Dirleton Castle Lindsay Gathering in September 2012.

Balcarres House

Balcarres House, nestled in the woodlands of the Balcarres Estate in Fife, is the seat of the Earl of Crawford.  This view was taken from the old Tower perched on the top of nearby Balcarres Crag.

  • The Clan Lindsay Society.

This is the primary source of information regarding the Clan Lindsay worldwide.  The Clan Chief presides over the Board of Management.


  • The Clan Lindsay Association USA.

Representing the Lindsays of USA  but welcomes Members from around the globe.


  • The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia.

Representing  Members from  Australia  and the southern hemisphere.


  • The Lindsay International Website

This site is administered by Joe Lindsey and aims to address "everything Lindsay" including the Lindsay One Name Study.



  • The Sir David Lyndsay Society.

A group organised through Edinburgh University to recognise and appreciate the Works of Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount.